It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…

Max still won't eat.

The vet called us this morning to see how he was and suggested baby food. Organic turkey baby food. So I rushed to Safeway in my SuperMom mode, lacking only the cape flapping behind me as I drove at 30 mph with the top down on my car. I marched purposefully into the store and to the baby food aisle, where I was then stumped by all the tiny jars and the even tinier print on them.

Someone who needs bifocals should not be trying to read the fine print.

It took some serious squinting and bending over to get to the jars on the bottom shelf, but I finally found one that was just turkey and water and a little corn starch, instead of the others loaded with carrots and onion powder (do babies need onion powder???) I then stood in line to pay, hands on hips, still feeling that I Am Mommy Hear Me Roar feeling.

My kitty needs food!
I will procure it!
He will become well again, and shower me with hugs and purrs and nibbles on the tip of my chin!

Yeah, that’s not Max at all.

And Max would not eat it. He sniffed at it without hurling—which is a step up from last night when I offered him his favorite canned food; one whiff and he was heaving—but he did not try it. The Spouse Thingy touched a glob to the tip of his nose, thinking that if he got a taste he would be overwhelmed with the urge to dive his little kitty face into the plate, but he wasn’t interested.


The fact that he was up and walking around, that he wasn’t hiding in the closet, tells me he’s feeling a little better. And if he’s still not eating and drinking by this afternoon, we’ll take him back to the vet (luckily the office is literally right across the street) and the doc will get some fluids into him. His skin turgor is still good, but he’s mildly dehydrated it could kill his appetite, and the fluids might help.

And I’ll ask about an appetite stimulant. When Dusty (the cat who came before him) was first ill, she went almost a week without eating; the specialist she saw gave us an appetite stimulant for her, and 5 hours later it was like “Feed me now or I will claw you open and eat your ovaries.”

So we’ll see. He obviously feels a tiny bit better, but I’ll feel better when he’s eating, drinking, and being snarky again.

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