Obsession 1.5.2

In a nutshell:

We took Max back to the vet this morning.
The vet kept him there all day.
Blood was drawn, but only after Max fought like hell.
Fluids were given.
A shot was given (antibiotic.)
They tried to feed him; he barfed.
He got to come home around 3:30.
He is super pissed, but drank a tiny amount of tuna water.
He ate a tiny amount of canned chicken.
He wants to eat more, but can’t make himself.
His throat is filled with phlegm upon which food gets stuck, hence the barfing.

We get the blood results in the morning; what they say may or may not indicate the need for a chest x-ray. So he may or may not be going back tomorrow. Either way, the big guy just can’t eat enough and he’s losing weight, and he can’t seem to shake this thing. Buddah got over it in just a few days; for Max it’s like this curse that can’t be lifted.

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