Today’s Score: Productivity 0, TV 4

A while back I discovered a work avoidance tool: SpikeTV playing two episodes of Star Trek Next Generation back to back. From 1-3 p.m. I was getting next to nothing accomplished.

It got worse.

I discovered that from 11-1 they play Star Trek Deep Space Nine. So instead of getting anything practical accomplished, I plastered myself in front of the TV for nearly 4 straight hours today, getting up only to pee, and to see if I could get the cats to be in the same space without any biting (nope…the one time I looked away, by the time I looked back Max was trying to walk away with Buddah’s mouth firmly attached to his ass. Not sure what to do about that…)

My excuse for today was that I could be much quieter sitting there watching TV than I would be if I were trying to get any housework done, and I need to be quiet because the Spouse Thingy is working nights and needs to sleep during the day. I wouldn’t want the sound of dishes being put away to wake him. That would be rude.

No, don’t ask me what my excuse is the days he’s awake.

And no, don’t ask me why I don’t just watch them on DVD. Yes, we own every freaking episode of both. And of ST Voyager. And as Enterprise is released, I’m sure we’ll own those too. Oddly, we only own season 1 of Star Trek itself…

There’s no point to any of this.
Well, no point other than I’m still avoiding work.
And I appear to be getting very good at it.

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