Yay! Thumper Shares Email!

How can you be so glib about being so lazy? Bragging about watching 5 hours of TV is horrible. Instead of sitting there like a lump you could be cleaning your house, doing laundry, and getting meals ready for your family.

Jealousy, thy color is green, and thy method of communication is gmail…

If the guys need clean clothes, they know where the washer and dryer are. I don’t wear those clothes, I don’t wash those clothes. They’re adults; they can handle it. No one is going hungry here, as it obvious from our collective weight. And clean is subjective. Nothing growing on my kitchen floor is actually moving, and that’s good enough for me.

I don’t get the bit about chocolate pudding, grape juice, and jello. Or what your surgery was.

In an attempt to see if Thumper really does have a brain (and to remove a thingy growing on the bottom part of it) a really spiffy neurosurgeon used a scalpel to cut under my upper lip, and then drilled through my sinuses to get to my pituitary gland. Afterwards, I didn’t want food, but I had to eat, so the Spouse Thingy kept going down to the cafeteria to get me chocolate pudding, which I would eat, and grape juice, which for some odd reason I was craving. And the jello…it was hospital jello. Bouncy bouncy bouncy.

Please tell me you didn’t bake a cake for your cat’s birthday!

Um. Ok. I didn’t bake a cake for Max’s birthday. Really. Cause that would have been weird. Right? Yep…weird.

Is Max all better?

He’s 99% better, thanks for asking. He still has a residual cough that pops up every now and then, but he’s gained back the weight he lost, he has all his energy back, and he’s pretty snarky again.

Are you done talking about your cats?

Never! Other people talk about their kids; I talk about my cats.

Just wait until I’m 60 and have 20 of them…

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