It’s Not Easy Being Me

Nope. It’s not.

Take today. I had a long list of things I wanted to get done today. I have a couple of writing projects simmering, and needed to write a long email to a promising writer, trying to convince her that what she’s pouring onto virtual paper is, in fact, so good that it’s too good for me to publish. She could be an Oprah find. She's so good I want to steal her idea and make it my own.

While I pondered exactly how to word this encouraging missive, I turned the TV on, just in time for the first episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. And having watched the last one yesterday, I felt obligated to watch this one and see how Nog was going to come to grips with having lost a leg in a battle with the Gem Hadar. And then, well, the 2nd episode came on, and while I vaguely recalled seeing it—Gul Ducat being an emissary for the Palwraiths—I wasn’t sure I’d seen it all, so of course I had to watch.

By then I was pinned down by a sleeping kitten, and waking a kitten is as mean as waking a baby for no good reason. Work isn’t a really Good Reason…is it? So I let him sleep while I watched an episode of Star Trek Next Generation. After that he wanted to play so I sat on the bed and entertained him—because playing with a kitten is very important to a kitten’s growing self awareness and ability to bond—while I watched a second episode of STNG.

Well after that, there’s no point to doing anything other than watch the last STNG episode of the day. Right?

Watching that much quality TV is exhausting. Really. It is.

I should at least fire off that email.

:::checks Spike TV for more Star Trek:::

Yep, I’ve got time…

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