To Summertime Idiots (probably not you…but if it is…)

See these little guys?
All cute and cuddly and adorable?

Yes, if you’re taking your dog or cat or any animal along with you and leaving it in the car, your errands are worthless and stupid, and you don’t deserve to have that pet.

It’s summer.
It’s hot.
The inside of your car is even hotter.
Not sure? We’ll lock you inside for 30 minutes and see how you like it.

And you, yeah you, the one I’m pointing at. Wonder where your dog went while you were shopping? Some little kid saw it and had security call the fire department. Your dog is gone because they came—you were gone that long—and took it. This kid had more sense than you did.

The petulant part of me hopes you never get that dog back. You may love him, but you’re too stupid to care for him.

Yeah, tons of people take their pets with them when they go places. But you know what? They don’t leave them in the freaking car! They only take them places like Petco and Petsmart, where they can go inside with their People. Or they leave a responsible adult in the car with them with the A/C running. And windows blocked from the sun.

Does it hurt to have your dog taken away from you?
Too bad.
That hurts a lot less than what your dog was going through.

And sadly, you’ll not only never read this, you won’t even recognize yourself if you do.

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