A while back, Alby posted about his discovery that if you hold the CTRL key down, and run your finger down the right side of a laptop touchpad, you can make the screen bigger. You can change the screen resolution without really changing the screen resolution (it only works with Firefox, at least for me...) This is a boon to my aging eyes, and I frequently surf now with the type on the screen THIS BIG.

9-12-06Remember this little bike?
My first.
I sold it not to long ago to someone who will love it and care for it and treat it like the zippy little bike it deserves to be. And I wasn't riding it, because I bought the Suzuki. sv-5

For a rider my height and inseam with a a year or two experience, the SV650 is a good fit. I can flat foot it, it's fun, it's flickable...but I shouldn't have bought it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Sure, I'm tall enough for it, but apparently I'm no longer bendy enough for it.

I keep getting stuck. It's hard for me to get onto with my non-cooperative back and hips, and sometimes impossible to get off of without any help. Picture me in the Taco Bell parking lot, dying of thirst, trying to figure out how the hell I get my freaking leg over the bike without falling down.

It's not pretty.

I'm going to start looking for one of these.

A scooter.

A tres spiffy scooter, but a scooter nonetheless. I figure I'm going to wind up on one eventually, I might as well get the spiffy one. The problem is going to be finding one, as the rest of the world has jumped on the Scooter Bandwagon and are buying them up before they even hit the dealer floor.

It's a scooter. =sobsalittle= I always figured a scooter was the end of the riding line for me, so to speak. When I was too OLD to ride a motorcycle. I just don't see the point in buying another bike and then a year or two from now having to go through the whole sell-one-bike-buy-something-else thing.

And did I mention it's spiffy? Two wheels up front, leans like a motorcycle, but all around is probably safer.

It's all about the spiffy.

Max was asked to test Febreze Pet Odor was free stuff, of course he said yes. The stuff works! We always kept a bottle of Febreze Air Effect on hand because the cats...let's just say they can be odoriffic. The Pet Odor version works a little better than the other (I think...I could be imagining it, but let's say it does because I say it does...) and it doesn't throw me into an Oh God I Can't Breathe spasm. Smells nice, too.

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