:::Puts on big girl pants:::

I did not cry. My bike zoomed off on the back of some guy's Jeep, and I didn't even get choked up.

Oh, I'm bummed, but sooner or later I will have my spiffy scooter, and all will be right with my world.

Now, the guy that bought it...he did not tell his wife he as buying a bike. In fact, she told him when he sold his old one "No more bikes!" She does not know about his coffee can stash of Future Bike Moola. Dang, is she gonna be surprised when she gets home and sees that sweet, sweet SV in her garage...

Until the scooter gets here, I am going to console myself over my lack of Fun Wheels with massive amounts of chocolate. So it better get here sooner rather than later, or else I'm going to weigh 600 pounds...

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