This afternoon I sat in the coffee shop at Border's bookstore, trying to read (and understand) a Great Big Book on Real Estate Practices. I was slightly distracted by a little girl who was skipping back and forth between her parents, who were a good 20 feet apart, singing to the rubber ducky in her hands "lucky duck, lucky duck lucky duck..." for good 20 minutes.

It was cute for the first 3 minutes.

Right about the time she wandered off with Dad and peace was restored to my little bubble, a woman and her little boy wandered up to the counter and he asked the girl at the cash register, "Do you have any fruit?"

"No, I'm sorry."

"Do you have any begetables?"

"No, I'm sorry, we don't."

"Well thank God!!!"

I don't know what he wound up getting, but I sure know what he didn't want.

And now my head hurts, because I'm only 250 pages into this massive book, and I don't know how the real estate professionals keep it all straight without cranial implosions.

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