Dear Buddah,

I am not mad at you. I am not thrilled that you spent most of yesterday chasing and pouncing upon and biting Max, and I spent a good deal of my time saying things like "Stop it! and "Get off him!" and "Will you just go upstairs?" but I am not angry with you. Max is a big boy and can take care of himself. I just don't like listening to the howling and growling.

So please, stop being Velcro Kitty today. You don't have to suck up to me and make sure I'm not mad and that I still love you. I do still love you but I really don't want to pick you up again for at least an hour, and if I pet you any more you won't have much fur left.

Go eat some crunchies and stay away from Max for a while, and all will be right in your little world.

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