I'm sitting here waiting for home value appraisers. I am not happy. They were supposed to be here at 10 a.m., which was fine; they could get in, do their thing, get out, and we could get on with our day.

Then we got a call saying they wouldn't be here until 11:30. That starts cutting into our day. We have plans. Massive plans! Like...um, well, we have a few errands to run. But that's beside the point.

The real point is that the lady that owns this house is trying to sell it. Again. Last time she said she needed to sell she managed to refinance, but it let us know that she's probably in over her head, and now she's serious about shedding the house and the (likely) $24,000 annual loss she's incurring with it. Last we heard she had a potential buyer and we let him in so he could look at it. I'm guessing that the appraisers are coming as part of the mortgage process; he needs it done so he can get the loan.

Or she might need the appraisal to further the sales process. Whatever...we just want the whole thing done so that we know what's going to happen to us. Are we staying here? We signed a 2 year lease, do we get to stick it out? If this guy doesn't buy the house, is she going to wind up foreclosing?

I really don't like this house*, but we were hoping to stick it out at least another 9-10 months, with the idea that by then we might be able to buy our own. If we have to move soon, that costs money, and puts us back another year or so. We're not getting any younger...who wants to take out a 30 year mortgage when they're 50?


I'm just whining. I don't have much else to do while I wait.

*It's a perfectly fine house...but it's 2 story and stairs don't like me very much. In fact, I think the stairs are secretly plotting my demise. I hear them laughing at me when I head upstairs to go to bed every night...

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