At 2:15 this afternoon I was at the post office, minding my own business, waiting in a long ass line to mail something for Max ( cat has friends. He sends gifts sometimes...) when it occured to me--in an Oh Geez This Could Be A Problem kind of way--that my DDAVP had stopped working and I had about 10 minutes before I'd be doing the Toddler's Gotta Go Dance.

I waited behind throngs of people (ok, just 5, but there were only 2 clerks working so it might as well have been throngs), feeling the inevitable bite of thirst hit along with my kidneys poking at me from the inside, saying "Um, hey, you're letting things get a little backed up here..." I took a deep breath and hoped the people ahead of me didn't have too much business to deal with, and that none of them would throw a chit fit over a 99 cent envelope.

As soon as I was out of there, I looked around, and spotted The Hamburger Stand (which used to be a Der Wienerschnitzle, but that's beside the point.) They had the two things I needed most: a restroom, and drinkage. So I zipped over there and sprinted inside...where there was a line of 8 people. So I headed for the restroom...which was locked, with a sign saying "Customer Use Only Ask For Key."

So I did. I asked at the counter and was told the restrooms are for customers.

Well, yeah, I got that memo. I'll get in line after I use the restroom.

You have to buy something first.

Excuse me?

You have to buy something first.

I'm really hurting here.


I popped off an expletive I probably shouldn't have, and bolted out the door. Costco is just around the corner, and I was 90% sure I could make it there and walk all the way to the back where the restrooms are. Plus, a soda with unlimited refills there is only 59 cents. Better than the $1.60 wanted by the Cruel And Heartless People at the Hamburger Stand.

CA used to have an anti-humiliation law; if someone asked to use a restroom in a place of business, regardless of any Customer Use Only signs, the business was required to let them. I don't think it's a law any longer, but come on...if someone is about to explode right there in your place of business, don'tcha think it's a good idea to graciously allow them use of the facilities?

Whatever happened to creating goodwill among potential customers?

I can guarantee we'll never go back there. I'll take my bladder and my money elsewhere, thankyouverymuch.

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