The Sites We See...

In the last couple of days we've ridden about 150 miles, just back roads around the area, see what there is to see. And those pics...those are the kinds of things we see. I had to snag them off the web; we didn't have a camera with us and until tonight didn't own one that would just fit in a jacket pocket.

So...fair warning. We bought a digital camera that will slide right into my front pocket, and have lots of places to go and see and photograph for posterity, amusement, and with which we can annoy you.

We drove down Putah Creek Road today (see 2nd picture) and stopped to check out the fishability of a couple of cutouts in the brush, and were treated to the sight of a family of otters playing on the other side of the creek; as I turned around I realized we had parked with an incredible landscape behind out bikes, and had no way to capture the moment.

So now we can go back and take a picture. Nothing like recreating something for the sake of recreating something...

We are finding all kinds of things around here we never would have found if not for the bikes. And the only thing we may have lost is a little sanity.

Reasonable tradeoff, don'tcha think?

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