Overheard in the library yesterday:

  • Oh I'll read the book but I'm not writing a report on it. School is OUT!
  • Um...the toilet in the men's room is stopped up and overflowing but I didn't do it.
  • Mommy when you fart you suppose to say EXCUSE ME!
  • Who the phck was Dewey anyway?
  • I'm going to count every book in here!
  • So help me God if you don't get up right now...
  • Can I get a book if the title is weird?
  • But I'm not done counting!
  • Mommy the boy's room floor is wet and I can't go in there but I really hafta go!
  • If I eat all my lunch can I have ice cream after?
  • Can we go to McDonald's for lunch?
  • Excuse me...the men’s room seems to be flooding.
  • Mommy...mommy...mommy...mommy...
  • But I don't want to get a movie here I want to get a book!
  • My shoes are wet now.

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