We went for a short ride this morning; it would have been much longer but by then time we got on the road it was already feeling warm and by the time we'd reached the spot where we wanted to take a few pictures, it was uncomfortably hot. We're not total weenies, but with helmet, gloves, and jackets on, one does tend to feel a little bit on the warm side.

Click picture to biggify

I created a Flickr account for the massive pictures I'm liable to start posting. The slideshow feature is kind of spiffy, though it seems to show everything in the reverse order in whic I uploaded everything.

Hopefully the heat wave will break next week. We're at 110 right now and the weekend looks like it'll be worse...I'm not riding in that. All the fun would be sapped right out.

Instead, I'll stay home, and chase the kitties around with the new camera.

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