• 113 degrees F
  • A/C is set at 75 but it can't keep up; it's 80 in here, but that's tolerable, and it could be worse
  • The kitties are upset because the blinds are down and they can't see outside
  • They also want to spend the day sitting on me
  • I'm really wishing we had bought that big assed inflatable pool when we thought about it earlier this year
  • The kitties could go for a swim
  • Helpful hint #32,678,167: Count your available rolls of TP as soon as word of a heat wave comes, so that you don't have to go out to buy some
  • I m dreading next month's power bill
  • There will be no cooking here this evening; we are having sandwiches
  • If the guys want hot food, they can eat on the back porch
  • I take comfort in knowing that 98% of the country is suffering, too
  • I don't take comfort in knowing that some people have no a/c
  • Now I'm kinda sad
  • I will eat a brownie bit to make myself feel better
  • Raise your hand if it's not hot where you are...and prepare for visitors

Here Is A Picture To Make you Feel Cooler...Plus, The Spouse Thingy Likes Wolves

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