Feeling Like Longfellow Frost

Her name is Millie
Goal reached
I have no doubt expenses will continue to mount
Malcolm gets props
Most people would have left her
Or put her down.

Twice today I rode
Once with windshield on
Once with windshield off
Then left it off, because it’s cooler without
Physically cooler

I realized as I was leaned over
Taking a corner
That I was smiling in my helmet
Where no one else could see

Now I understand the want
Of learning how to fly

Buddah, commando cuddling
I sit, he stomps up my body
Where he can curl on my chest
My cupped arm holding him up
And he purrs
So hard that it feels like my heart vibrates

He talks to me now
Long conversations, the way Max does
For a small kitty, he has a lot to say
And I have time to listen

I wrote this week
Just a little
Just enough
Library Bob was not there
I think he’s read all the books by now

For a brief moment tonight
I felt like a failure
Looking in the mirror
Pissed off at weight gained back

And then I thought
Mirrors just don’t matter
Because they don’t show
Everything that’s right
Like the feeling of flying
Heart swelling commando cuddle purring
Stringing words together

And I heard a cat outside the bathroom door
Calling out as if saying
Either come out or let me in
Because I want to be with you
The cats don’t care what I see in the mirror

After a moment, neither did I
So I opened the door
And realized it was not me that was wanted
It was my opposable thumbs
10 pm
Snack time

:::checks date:::
Happy Canada Day
Even though it’s almost over

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