There is no making me happy.


We're a good 30 degrees cooler than we were last week, and you'd think this would make me all happy and chit, but no... I'm a wee bit annoyed.

It's not the temperature.

It's the wind.

I got up this morning with aspirations of taking at least a short bike ride, but before I geared up and headed out I figured I'd check my email and poke around online a little, which included a peek at the weather.

Looking at the weather report online prompted me to look out the window, which had me uttering not so nice things.


The bane of my riding existence.

Now, most people seem to be perfectly fine with a moderate wind while they ride, but for some reason anything over 10 mph seems to blow me all over the road. There were gusts of 39 mph this morning, so I sat back and pouted, resigned to not firing up my pretty little Rebel and taking it out for the world to admire.

Because the world does admire it.
You know you do.

Someday I'm going to have to suck it up and just ride in the wind and get used to it, but for right It's not fun. I bought the bike to have fun. If it's not fun I'm not gonna do it.

Just like housework.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'll take a daily high of a 10 degrees higher if it means a really light breeze instead of it being Flying Toupee Day...

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