Earlier this week I finally saw a gastro-type-medical person about the Gall Bladder Problems That Aren't Really My Gall Bladder; we figured we have civilian insurance, we might as well use it. We really like the new civilian family doctor, and I wound up really liking the nurse practitioner he sent me to.

Now, the Prilosec has been managing the symptoms just fine and I've only had minor problems the few times I've tried to go off it. So I wasn't terribily worried about this appointmnet; I figured she would isten to the backstory, then write me a new scrip and I'd be on my merry way.

No, she couldn't play it out the way my brain imagined it.

What? You came here with a tummy ache? You're a wuss. Go home, suck it up, quit wasting my time. Oh, I'll write you a scrip so you can get the meds for free, you cheap twit, but my God, it's just a tummy ache!

No, she listened carefully and gave me options. Continue on the Prilosec and just see, or get an endoscopy so they can see what's going on down there.

"It's your choice, BUT..."

Those buts always get you in the end.

"It's your choice, BUT this has gone on longer than it should have, and it would be helpful to get a good look to see if there are any ulcerations that just aren't healing, and we can take a biopsy, check for bacteria, inflammation..."

Ah yeah. Let's just shove a tube down your throat so we can check for giant holes, look for cancer, poke and prod and just make your day Oh So Special.

So in a couple of weeks I'll go in at Too Freaking Early and let them shove the tube down my throat and take a good look at my innards. I figure they're going to give me some really good drugs, so it doesn't really matter what they do to me. I don't honestly expect them to see anything exceptional, but better safe than sorry. Plus, I'll get sympathy points. And presents.

There are presents for doing this, right?

I better get a freaking present.

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