This seemed like a good idea at the time.

That is, the box Buddah is on, not Buddah himself.

It’s a spiffy carpeted litterbox container. I figured it would perform two jobs: hiding the litterbox (which is in my office) and giving the cats something to sit on to look out the window.

It works really well as a perch.

For the litter box…not so much.

If functions like it should—it hides the box—but it’s not what I hoped for. What I hoped for was to not realize the box was even there, except once a day when I wandered over to clean it out.

I realize the box is there even more than I did when it was in the open, tucked into a corner.

The thing about this box is that it contains all the smell. And eventually the smell seeps out the opening and the cracks, and just lingers there in the air. Beforehand it would dissipate; now it just hangs there.

Did I mention it’s in my office? There’s no other suitable place in the house we can figure a litterbox would work.

Febreze Air Effects has been my friend.

I’m thinking, though, that the litterbox is going to have to come out of the big box, and will be tucked into the corner once again. And the cats can have the carpeted box as a Kitty Klubhouse—something I think they wanted right from the start, as evidenced by both of them running inside and curling up before we had a chance to stick the litter box in there.

In an odd way, I feel like a failure, and the damned cats have won…

But yeah, if you have cats and are thinking how spiffy something like this would be…ahhh, no. It just makes things smell worse. But your cats will surely love having it to play in.

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