Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Don’t get me wrong—I am very grateful that we didn’t get whammed by the heavy rains that flooded out our former apartment yesterday, nor the hellacious rains that followed today. My ex-neighbors are probably dealing with lost possessions, soaked carpet, mud, stink, and God knows what else.

That didn’t stop me from saying a few choice words when, in a nice long lull in the rain, I went out to my car to discover puddles on the rear floorboards.

Now, I knew that there’s no such thing as a leak-proof convertible, and we have a garage in which I should be able to park it. But was it there?


No, the garage is full of all the crap we were formerly paying good money to store when it turned out the apartment was too small for everything we’ve accumulated over the years. We surely intended to clear it out and make it usable for our cars, but you know the saying.

Good intentions. Pathway. Hell. That kind of thing.

So this week, if the rain lets up, we will clean that garage out, at least enough to park my pretty toy. And hopefully it will dry out (without damaging the carpet) and won’t stink…

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