See the spastic kitty over there? I knew you did. The kitty points to the new Thumper Thinks Out Loud Storefront; all the t-shirts formerly located at Thumpatees are now there, all in one place, for your one-stop shopping convenience. And wow! There are more than just t-shirts! With more stuff coming! Like, maybe, BOOKS!

Yeah...I have to pimp myself. Taxes and bills coming up, you know.

It's still raining.
I have not looked in my car today.
I think it would make me sad.

Garage is on the agenda for tomorrow, at least starting on cleaning it out. I suspect 90% of what's in there will win up in the trash. There may be stuff that's been in boxes for over 20 years...

Anyone want a table and bench set? I know that's in there, buried under tons of junk...

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