Back in July I ordered myself some vanity plates for my spiffy new car.

In October I got excited when the notice arrived via USPS that the plates were waiting for me at the local DMV.

I was verrrry disappointed that my THMPR plates were spelled THMBR; the DMV clerk, who felt very sorry for me indeed, reordered them.

Last week, the notice arrived; my plates were in.

Now, given how things have gone lately, we decided right off the bat the something would go wrong. We were prepared for it. Heck, we even prepared for the potential 2 hour wait, because we did not have an appointment. The Spouse Thingy had his PDA upon which to play games, and I brought a notebook in which we could write cat haiku.

Yes, cat haiku.


We got there and mused that the parking lot didn't seem too bad. We got inside and mused that, while the Take-A-Number thingy was missing, it didn't look too bad. We got in the START HERE line and mused that it moved pretty freaking quick. And we got our number and sat down, and mused that Hey, We're Next!

Less than 5 minutes later, we were at the counter.
Less than 5 minutes after that, we had my plates.
My beautiful, spiffy TYPO-LESS plates.

Because we had to turn in the old plates (and dammit, I had finally memorized them!) the Spouse Thingy out them on my car right there in the parking lot. And then we drive up the Interstate to show them off (well, no, really we went up the Interstate because my car had not been driven in 3 weeks, but what the hell, let people admire my shiny new plates...)

But hey, I have new plates.
And something went right for a change!

I should run out and buy a lottery ticket. I might be on a roll...

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