In No Particular Order

  • Costco has awesome fat free frozen chocolate yogurt
  • It’s still too cold to drive with the top down, no matter how sunny it is
  • The pharmacy tech at WalMart likes it when your response to her worried “It’ll take an hour” is “That’s ok, I’ll pick it up tomorrow.”
  • I have hit a 6 week plateau in weight loss and it sucks
  • Oranges are coming into season here and that makes me happy
  • I ordered a copy of my own book(s) and thought it was spiffy looking
  • I need to do some serious pimping
  • I apologize now if it becomes annoying
  • I need to start going through my crap to find Ebayable stuff
  • I luvs Ebay
  • I got a $200 leather blazer there for $30
  • I don’t want to know if it’s hot
  • It is definitely spiffy
  • Buddah is part canine, I think; he fetches
  • The Boy made fun of me for worrying about the whereabouts of a dark chocolate bar just 2 bites into dinner
  • It was in the trunk of the car
  • I used to hate dark chocolate, until I realized just a bite or two satisfies my choco-cravings, whereas it takes a lot of milk chocolate
  • Yeah, I’m boring me, too…
  • I’ll stop now
  • But I’ll leave you with this pimp:

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