I was very proud of myself this morning; not only had I remembered to defrost meat in the refrigerator overnight, I remembered to get it into the crock pot this morning. I was thrilled because we were going to have a nice, hot, home cooked meal tonight, and we could have it when we were all hungry, not after I scrambled to throw something together.

I plopped that very thinly cut London Broil into the pot, added some soup--because that makes it all nice and tender and gravy-covered--and put the lid on, then flipped the switch on “low.”

There were errands to be run, so I double checked to make sure I’d put it on low and not high, and went about my business for the day.

Yay! I remembered dinner, which for me is actually Something Special. I ran around town, here and there, comforted in knowing dinner was already cooking. Super Mom would be feeding her men tonight! The Spouse Thingy would head off to work with a wonderful meal inside him. Very Special Indeed.

I suppose it would have been even more special if I had thought to see if the damn thing was plugged in…

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