Bulleted For Your Pleasure*

  • Jamba Juice has an awesome low calorie smoothy that has become my new favorite, but I feel a little odd asking for “Berry Fulfilling.”
  • I’ll get over that feeling because it has half the calories of my other favorite, “Orange Berry Blitz.”
  • Buddah plays fetch.
  • We’re pretty sure Buddah is part canine.
  • We’re also pretty sure that we think so offends him.
  • I still don’t have super powers.
  • And I’m still not glowing in the dark.
  • Dammit.
  • My old ScrabbleTM software won’t run on my computer.
  • This bums me out.
  • I can get a new version for $10.
  • But I am cheap.
  • I agree with Max, THIS is a crazy idea and he would claw my eyes out if I tried to use it on him.
  • I had to mention him, since I mentioned Buddah, because his nose would get out of joint.
  • Of course my cats can read.
  • Ok, if you read this far, you get to pick up 2 cookies on your way out.

*…and because I’m lazy and my brain is frozen

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