Wanna know why it sometimes (not often) sucks to be me?

Well, I’m going to tell you anyway.

It’s because I never know. Not that I never know anything, but I never know how I’m going to fare from one activity to another, and that bites.

The other day the Spouse Thingy and I decided to take a walk…sans the wheelchair. We headed for WalMart (just as a destination, not to shop) which s about a mile away. No sweat! I made it that far, we bought a diet soda from the vending machine by the front door and pressed on, through the parking lot, past Sports Authority and Michael’s, to the road, and on towards another shopping center.

At about 1.75 miles, my back and hips suddenly decided spoke in unison “We are going no further! Stop! Right now!

So I stopped and sat on a brick retaining wall outside Safeway while he went home to get the car (and subsequently we said “screw it” to dieting for the rest of the day and went to Chevy’s for fajitas…)

I would have felt like a failure, but it wasn’t an endurance issue; it was a pain thing.

So today I wanted to go for a walk while the Spouse Thingy sleeps off his night shift. I headed for the Factory Outlet stores (in the car) thinking that if I just walked around there, I would always be close enough t the car that I wouldn’t be stuck somewhere.

I walked around and around until I hit 1.5 miles. No pain. I felt fine, could have gone further if not for the rather large diet drink I’d consumed along the way.

I just never know from one day to the next if I’ll be able to go half a mile or 2 miles, or at all. And that sucks, especially when a year ago I was doing 3.5 miles in an hour (I blame the Evil People for that…)

Um, yeah.
Boo Hoo.
Poor baby, and all that…
I hear ya.

Most of the time it’s so good to be me, but the not knowing, that bites.

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