The house was as nice as we'd hoped, with laminate floors downstairs and carpet upstairs. Three bedrooms, with a small loft, 2.5 baths, living room, family room, dining room... We really liked it. The cats will love it: lots of windows to see out of and stairs to run on. And that's what really important, right? That the cats are happy...

So, we put in an application to rent... I hate this part, wondering if something is going to pop up and trip us up. I get horrible butterflies in my stomach--whether it's trying to buy a car or rent an apartment or a house. I always worry there's *something* that will hose the whole thing up.

I'm gonna have a tummy ache til we find out (yes, say "awwwwww" right now. I want sympathy.)

So, cross your fingers again. Hopefully we'll find something out tomorrow.

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