A finger pointed accusingly at me from email. In my head I could see it jabbing, just missing the tip of my nose. It was excited jabbing, not mean-spirited, but ya know even friendly jabbing can poke an eye out.

You’re Fat Kat! I know you are! I saw that blog and then your Spouse Thingy mentioned he was dieting, and it fit. Thumper is Fat Kat!

It wasn’t a secret, exactly. I simply wasn’t hanging from the rafters shouting about it. Yep, the Spouse Thingy and I have embarked on the road to healthier living. After so many false starts, I decided to just jump in with both feet and give NutriSystem a try (because, after all, I am inherently lazy and it seemed like an easy way to get real food in front of me) and after a week or so—knowing by then the food really is edible—the Spouse Thingy decided to join me.

It is as easy as I’d hoped and it’s something we can stick to. I started the other blog for 2 reasons: I had this really cook graphic of a cat on a scale I wanted to use for something, and I wanted to have a place to talk at myself about it, to keep myself accountable, more or less. But mostly, I wanted to use that graphic.

It’s mind numbingly boring, but you can play along if you want.

Oh, and I hate that men lose body fat faster than women. It’s just not fair…

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