The carpet cleaning guy called me this morning; he wanted to meet at the house this afternoon so he could take care of the doggy pee smell. I figured Yay! He’s professional, he wants to take care of this ASAP, the room won’t stink! He’ll fix it and I can do a happy dance across the front lawn, thus assuring I will meet the neighbors!

So I met him at the appointed time; he walked in with this little spray bottle in hand and proceeded to mist the entire upstairs carpet with it. That was it, he wandered around, squirting his little bottle of pink stuff, letting it settle from the air onto the carpet.

Um, yeah. That’ll fix it.

I got his card and if it (the carpet, not the card) stinks later…I suspect he’s gonna get tired of having to come over.

Exterminator Guy showed up a few minutes early to take care of the mouse. He shoved poison into a space behind the washer (after assuring us it has no secondary poisoning effects; if a mouse eats it, comes out and dies and one of the cats eats the mouse, they will not get poisoned) and placed glue pads in the pantry.

Opening the pantry from now on is the Spouse Thingy’s job. I do not want to see a poor stuck mouse that’s died stuck to the pad. I have been assured that they go very quickly because the stick their little noses to the glue and then cannot breathe, but somehow that feels worse… But if it’s them or the cats, the mousies have to go…

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