So. We got the keys to the house today. Property Manager Guy met us there at 10 a.m. to walk through and make note of everything that was wrong and what needed attention. And there was a lot.

Evidently, the owners were pressed for time in moving out. So pressed that they didn’t really clean. The walls are all scuffed up and have smudges on them and the kitchen is kinda gross…but those are things I can handle. I intended on cleaning before we moved our stuff in, just not quite that much.


They apparently housed their dog in one of the bedrooms while they were moving their stuff out, and apparently the dog was not happy out it. So he peed. Copiously. The owners had someone come out to clean the carpets, but they did a piss-poor (no pun intended) job. Aside from the vivid yellow stain, the smell is unbearable.

So the owner is having them come out and re-do it. When, I don’t know, but it needs to be soon. And I suspect that in the end, the room will need new carpet. I’m not living in a house that smells like dog pee, and if it smells like pee, the cats will surely decide to leave their own little imprint.

While we were there, and after Property Manager Guy had left, a mouse ran across the kitchen floor. Not exactly what one wants to see in a house they’ve just rented, but I suppose it’s better than seeing the mouse after all our stuff and the cats are there (though Buddah would love hunting a mouse, and then presenting it to someone at 3 in the morning…)

So tomorrow we meet exterminators there…

Property Manager Guy says he can get reimbursement from the owner for the time and effort it will take us to clean thoroughly… I really just want the pee room taken care of. And the mouse problem. If they can take care of that, I’ll be happy. Plus it would be nice to not start off with an antagonistic landlord/tenant relationship, no matter how much in the right we are (not to mention when we move out, we won’t feel so compelled to have it white-glove clean…)

We have the keys, though… Good thing we weren’t planning on moving in this weekend!

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