How To Piss The Wabbit Off:

Or more accurately, how the Wabbit family can piss themselves off.

We put in notice yesterday that we’re vacating the apartment. And we gave them about 45 days’ notice—that should be good, right?


We should have checked the lease; they require 60 days notice and they’re holding us to it. The Spouse Thingy is already set with time off from work the beginning of November to move and the Boy has arranged the muscle for us to move…so we’re moving. Hopefully we can find a place, but we’re moving the beginning of November and we have to pay rent here through the 2nd of December.

Oh yeah, we were ticked beyond belief, but mostly at ourselves for assuming that just because every other place we’ve ever lived only asked for 30 days notice that it was the same here.

How To Tick The Cat Off:

Take him back to the vet for more blood work. We were prepared this time; yesterday we stopped by there to pick up a sedative to give him before his appointment this morning. Ideally he should have been nice and mellow and not giving a damn about what was about to happen.

He still fought like his life depended on it, and he still pooped all over the table. The vet asked the Spouse Thingy to leave him there for a while so they could dope him up a little more (Max is a surprisingly strong cat and is not afraid to use both his teeth and back claws…) and then draw the blood.

After the Spouse Thingy left the doc decided to wait a little longer and see if the drug we gave him took better effect; it did and spared Max the shot. So they got the blood, added to the humiliation factor by bating his backend, and sent him home, where he’s walking around like a little drunkard, barely even able to control his inner eyelids.

He’s royally ticked off; we’re laughing our asses off at him.

I suspect the lab results will be favorable; he acts like he feels fine (and the fact that he put up a fight even while under the influence shows it) but realistically we know we’ll be doing the pulsating antibiotics thing, potentially forever.

Small price to pay to keep his Snarkiness alive and as happy as one so snarky can be.

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