For Wasamonkeytoo...the rest of y'all can skip this one...

Wow... I'm not sure why you pointed me to that other blog post. You wanted to hurt me? If so, congratulations, you accomplished that. It's just a shame that the blogger in question had the details wrong, and blamed me for someone else shutting down their blog.

But, for the record--in case you're reporting back, which I suspect as I can't see any other reason for pointing me her way again--I knew the moment the blogger who quit made his grand announcement (and my dreadful comment on his blog was " :::tiptoes out quietly::: " which was obviously horrid...) that the dynamics had shifted. Yet no one ever bothered to ask ME what the deal was. I knew I'd lost her as a friend--though I hung on for two more years, hoping the ice would melt--and she never treated me remotely close the same. Which was entirely her prerogative.

I have *missed* her for two years, my heart was fucking BROKEN over it and still is. I *still* miss her. It only took one comment that cut far too close to home to break me. So I walked away. I had to.

So report back this: I'm sorry. I really am. She was one of the last people I would ever want to hurt, but after 2 years of feeling like I'd been kicked in the gut and when every comment felt encased in ice, I couldn't take it anymore. Yeah, I caved in to my inner 8 year old, picked up my toys, and went home.

And no one--no one--online will ever get that much of me again. I would never trash her to anyone; to have it pointed out that I am now a laughingstock among some people I thought were friends... well thanks. That just makes me feel so special.

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