Because I Have a History of Pimping...

I threw some things up on eBay today. This is stuff I was planning on at some point but never got around to. Today, I was motivated...

20 GB 4th generation iPod -- it'll hold 5,000 songs and there's over 4500 on there now that I'll leave on. There are some scratches on the front and back, but it works. New earbugs, installation software, and the USB cable included. I have an eclectic taste in music, so there's everything from Barry Manilow to Green Day on it. And there's this playlist, it's one song played out like 10 times...yes, you may laugh at me.

Under Armor Heat Gear Shirt size L new with tags. It's all shiny and slippery feeling, very comfortable and if you don't put anything on under it, you might feel a little naughty/

Under Armor Heat Gear Pants size XXL new with tags. These are shiny and slippery, too.

Draggin Kevlar Shirt, size XL. Probably only of interest to anyone who rides a bike. It's a wicked nice shirt made out of woven kevlar, will help keep your skin intact should the Big Bad happen.

Leather Pants (shut UP!) size 38. These are jean-like leather pants by Xelement. They're unhemmed so you can cut the legs to your own inseam. We won't discuss why I've never been able to wear them...

And somewhere around here I have some rollerblades I got but never used. Those will probably go up on eBay tomorrow or the next day. If I go box-diving, I bet I can find a lot more to eBay. When did eBay become a verb?

And you can still buy my car.

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