Cuz she said I could share this...

Char, wife of Murf (he who never blogged and then let his blog lapse so now the URL belongs to someone else) rides a 2007 Honda VLX. It replaces her 2006 VLX, which was stolen from in front of their dojang, which prompted many other friends to wonder who would have the balls to steal a bike when just inside that door there happened to be a 7th degree black belt, a 6th degree black belt, and two third degree black belts, along with their assorted sweaty and ready to strike students.

But, that's neither here nor there.

Char was enjoying some alone time, riding her spiffy and shiny new bike, while Murf took the kids to some dad-friendly activity. She zipped along, had fun in the curves, and after a while realized there was a cop car behind her.

Not to worry, she was not speeding. In fact, she was very conscious of the speed limit, as she was on a stretch of road where it was one lane in each direction, with the face of a hill on one side and a drop off on the other. There was also some construction, so the speed limit of 40 had dropped to 30 and was posted with a "Fines Are Double" warning.

She rolled along, aware of the cop behind her, but not concerned. She made sure she would not exceed 30 mph on her speedometer, which meant she was likely only doing 27ish. It would only last about 9 miles, after which she would be able to roll on the throttle a bit and speed up to 45.

Roughly two miles into that stretch of road she heard the crackle of a loud speaker behind her, and a deep voice saying, "Please speed up."

She wasn't sure she heard correctly, but she eased her speed up to 35, knowing that would put her close to an actual 30 but not in danger of getting a ticket.

A half a mile later she heard the speaker again. "Please speed up."

She glanced into her mirror, wondering why. But she wasn't sure she should go any faster. Was it a trick? Was she about to get hosed into a speeding ticket? Was it worth the risk? She shrugged her shoulders visibly, hoping he would get that she just wasn't sure.

"Please speed up," he repeated with a sigh. "I have to pee."

She sped up, and when the road widened a few miles further on she pulled to the far left and left him pass.

She sincerely hopes he found a restroom in time.

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