Common courtesy is dead. Or maybe just dying, lying there on the gurney, gasping for breath...

About a month ago, we looked outside and saw the owner of the house taking pictures. The only thing we could thing of was that he was considering putting the house on the market, and the pictures were for the Realtor. So we called the property manager, because our lease ends in August and we wanted a heads up if we were going to have to move.

He called the owner; no problem, the house isn't going up for sale. And Property Manager Guy said he would really be nuts to try to sell right now. It's a tight market and he has tenants paying him money. And if you look up and down our street, at all the houses that have been for sale since we moved in, yeah, he would be a little nuts.

He's nuts.

He's also incredibly inconsiderate. We asked if the house was going up for sale, he assured the property manager it was not. He let the guy know we asked because we had seen them taking pictures, and he lied. Apparently, he admits now that he lied.

For what purpose?

We needed to know. We can only scratch up so much per month, and that 4-6 weeks heads up would have given us just that much more time to try to come up with money to move on. And you know he's not going to just let us have our deposit back upfront to make that a little easier.

Four moves in four years. I am really, really tired of it.

If you buy me a house, I'll bake you some cookies...

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