Poor Spouse Thingy.

Today my favorite new toy needed to go in to the dealership for its 600 mile checkup and maintenance, and because I did not want to sit there for 2 hours, he was obliged to follow me there (woohoo! I went on a road I was avoiding, and it was fun!) with the car, and then amuse me until time to pick the bike up.

Chewed off the morning, for sure.

Then we got home, opened the garage door, and realized the front right tire on my car was flat. So he had to wrestle with the jack and the lug wrench thingy and put the spare on, then go get the flat fixed (for free!)

By the time we got home, it was just about time for him to leave for an evening the Boy and I think should be called That’s Five Hours Of My Life I’ll Never Get Back.

Yep. He’s now off trying to stay awake through the class room portion of the Basic Rider’s Class.

His reward for today will be the riding part of the class tomorrow and Sunday, where he will get to go zoooooom, and where he will learn to weave through cones, take 90 degree turns, and try to do 2 U-turns in a tiny-tiny box.

I have no doubt he will pass. He’s played with my bike in the church parking lot, and he did quite well with it.

Stay tuned for the list o’things I’m gonna stick on eBay* soon…Gotta get the boy a bike of his own, because I am so not about the whole sharing thing…

*Like a nifty PDA (um, yeah, one I was going to sell back in January…the person who HAD to have it never paid for it…), womens size 10 inline skates, DDR for PS2

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