Assorted Cells Of Grey Matter Explodeth In My Head

  • I hate super-hot weather more than I hate super cold weather. With a projected high of 108 for Vacaville today—hotter than Sacramento and even Fairfield, which is within spitting distance—I think I will stay inside and contemplate all the work I should be doing.

  • That doesn’t mean I’ll actually do the work. I’ll just think about it while I sit here and play online.

  • I did venture out long enough to go to WalMart to buy a mop (that I may never use) and two 12 packs of Cherry 7-Up Plus. Because, you know, life without soda is not life worth living.

  • I had a moment of panic when reading an email from Murf this morning; he wanted to know where in my archives to look for a eulogy-for-the-living I had written for his dad and my heart damn hear popped until I read further that he just wanted to print it out… Note to Murf: don’t do that again unless you preface it with “He’s not dead, but…”

  • Back in February I posted about scoring this little gem on eBay, thinking I was just bidding on the cables that connect it to my computer…I already had one. Several people emailed me, asking if they could buy the extra, but I had already promised to sell it to someone.

  • The person to whom I had promised to sell it needed a little time to scrape the money together, but promised she would pay for it in time for us to include that money in what we owed on our taxes. I took her at her word…Here we are in June, and I still have it. So, if you were one of those interested, email me. I’m looking to sell for $50. It's spoken for, thanks for playing!

  • It’s a PDA that functions as a nifty word processor; you don’t need the serial cable that connect it to a computer if all you use it for is writing—it has a compact flash slot and you can use a card to move files back and forth—but I’ve noticed cables on eBay now for about $20. The case is a little scratched up but it works just fine.

  • If no one wants it, I’m just gonna put it on eBay.

  • No, I don’t know why I bulleted all this. I like bullets, I guess.

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