Obviously, it was evident that I was having way too much fun, out there putt-putting around the streets of Vacaville on my bike. So, the day before yesterday, the Spouse Thingy went to the DMV and got himself a learner’s permit, and will be taking the MSF basic rider’s class weekend after next.

I am not so mean that I would not let him sit on my bike. Heck, I even let him start it up, find the friction zone, and first gear. And then I made him get off of it. My bike. Mine!

No, actually he’s been zipping around the church parking lot quite nicely and got the hang of it without a lot of effort. By the time the class rolls around it will mostly be an exercise in reinforcements for him, plus how to swerve and not run a Rider Coach over. The day after the course is over he’ll be quite capable of riding around town, I think.

So I’ll have to share my bike.
:::wanders off to find tons of stuff to stick on eBay:::

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