It’s just a little warm out there right now…

Earlier, when it was only 95, I decided to put on all my gear—jacket, gloves, boots, helmet—and take the bike out for a spin. I’m not nuts; it was intentional. I wanted to see how miserable it would be riding in the heat, and if it’s something I could routinely do. I figured if it was bad, I could turn around and be home in 5 minutes.

While the bike is moving, it’s not bad, not bad at all.

Even stopped at lights, it’s not bad. The jacket keeps the direct heat off my skin, and I’m moving before I can feel it too much past the mesh. My face did start to sweat after about five minutes, and after 15 or so I stopped at KFC to get a soda. I figured I’d drink that and then head over to the library for a while.

I was only inside KFC for five minutes; when I came out and sat on the bike, the seat wasn’t just hot, it was hot.

I’m surprised my butt doesn’t have blisters.

Well, ok, I’m not limber enough to look and see, but it doesn’t feel like there are any. I’m not asking anyone to check for me.

I rode over to the library and rolled through the parking lot; all the spaces that were in the shade were taken, so I turned around and headed home.

The idea of leaving the bike sitting there in the sun for so long, the seat getting hotter and hotter, just wasn’t all that appealing. I’d kind of like to keep the skin on my backside.

Next time, I’ll take a light towel and keep it in my backpack. Or just keep riding. Riding is still a lot more fun that working.

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