We went zooooom.
We went zooooom in straight lines.
We went zooooom weaving between tiny little cones.
We went zooooom around curves.
We went zooooom all the way to 3rd gear.

Day 1 of How To Ride A Motorcycle And Not Fall Off Or Run Over Kittens And Puppies was about 32 kinds of fun, and both the Boy and I survived it.

Day 2 is tomorrow, where (I think) we will attempt tighter curves and turns, spiffy figure 8’s, and quite possible things that will make me cry just in contemplation. After the exercises, there will be a skills test, and if we pass it, then we’ll be fully qualified to ride around in parking lots, practicing turns and shifting and the all important Stop Before Running Someone Off The Road.

If we survive Day 2 (it’s not a given; one of the students was dismissed from Day 1 due to lack of balance, but he gets to come back another time after he’s learned to balance on a bicycle…) there’s a skills test at the end. I really want to pass that, if for no other reason than it means not taking the riding portion of the DMV test.

Keep your fingers crossed I shift better, stop rolling on the throttle, and stall 4 less times than I did today…

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