Wandom Bullets Aimed Right At You

  • I am officially tired of rain.
  • It is my fault we have had so much rain.
  • It is raining because I want to ride my scooter.
  • I can make it rain all summer long.
  • I’ll just go buy a motorcycle.
  • Or not.
  • I love daylight savings time.
  • Everyone who hates it can bite me :)
  • DST is like magic to the night blind.
  • Of which I am.
  • My cat has a potential stalker.
  • I think I’m jealous.
  • He’s way more popular than I am.
  • We are joining Gold’s Gym tomorrow (the Spouse Thingy and I, not the cat.)
  • Yes, we joined the Y last year.
  • That didn’t work out.
  • Joining means I should actually go to the gym once in a while, doesn’t it?
  • Maybe I’ll get buff.
  • And then I’ll buy a motorcycle.
  • Or not.

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