At The Library...Again

  • Library Bob must be taking the day off from reading.
  • For whatever reason, all the table lights are unplugged.
  • I need lots of light.
  • I brought my laptop today instead of my spiffy PDA.
  • My laptop only has about 2 hours battery power, and is about to punk out.
  • I was on a roll with my writing, but suddenly hit a brick wall.
  • Now my head hurts.
  • What I’m working on so far seems really depressing.
  • I need to inject some funny into it.
  • My stomach is growling loud enough that people keep looking at me.
  • I could use it and the waning battery as an excuse to go get something to eat, something totally not good for me.
  • I am fighting that urge.
  • I have 5% battery power left.
  • I think I’m done until I get home…

Things I Didn’t Need To See Today...

  • The guy in the Raley’s parking lot with his hand down his pants, scratching his junk.
  • The teenager in the library picking her nose.
  • Then eating her special treasure.
  • The Woman outside the library who tossed her trash bag of McD’s leftovers onto the ground because the can was full.
  • Max’s paw zooming towards my face at 7:20 this morning

And Random Things…

  • There are hot tub hogs at Gold’s Gym.
  • No, I don’t know where that thought came from, other than I wanted to get in the hot tub after swimming Friday and it was full of people who just wouldn’t leave.
  • No, I don’t expect people to get out just so I can get in.
  • They’d been in there over 45 minutes, you’d think they’d have been cooked clear through by then.
  • If they’re still there when I go back tomorrow, I think I should tell someone…