Is it Monday?
:::scratches head:::
It’s Monday.

In spite of my efforts—I went to the library and everything—I have gotten no work done lately. All my writing just shuffled itself to the back of my brain with a condescending pat on the head, muttering “there, there, dear, you just read your motorcycle crap” like someone’s irritated grandmother.

Yes, I’m a one-track wonder these days. I read the DMV M-Class manual, took copious notes, typed those notes up (all 15 pages), read and re-read and took the 2 online sample tests the DMV has three times, bought a book on the CA driver’s test that has 7 full-length practice tests and have done those (and happily, only missed a couple questions on each, and they had to do with things I just don’t deal with regularly, like trolley cars…)

I’m 99% sure I could take the written test and pass right now.

And I’m fairly confident on most of the riding part. I have a healthy fear of falling but I’m not terrified by it, especially not at parking lot speeds. I’m not too worried about the curving and turning. But I am worried about gears. I’ve looked at pictures and diagrams and I just don’t get it. I see a pedal and I think “push on it” and have no idea what they mean by “lift” and dammit, I want to know everything before I get there. Because that’s the way I am.

Oh and we’re going to have spectacular weather all this week—until Friday, when it’s going to start raining, and with my luck, it will rain in biblical proportions through Sunday…

:::wanders off, wondering if putt-putting around on a tiny little electrical scooter is like practice:::

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