I have spent way too much time the last couple of days sitting here, clicking on little kitty faces at Kitten War, hoping that Buddah’s little kitty face would pop up and I could vote for him, no matter how cute his opponent might be.

Buddah as a kitten wasn’t…mmm…the most attractive kitty there was. He often had this odd look, like (at the risk of being WAY politically incorrect) he should be riding the short bus to school. His eyes would cross and he just didn’t look quite right sometimes. He was kitten-cute but not in that way that makes people look at him and squeal.

Buddah now…much cuter. He filled out, he gained control over his eyes, and became quite dignified. But at a year, he’s not a “kitten” and thusly, the picture submitted to kitten war was one when he was really a kitten.

And he’s losing.
As in 60% of battles lost. 13% are draws.

It’s a good thing I know he was not the most attractive of kittens…

No, don’t try to go there and vote for him, You could sit there for 2 hours and he might never pop up in a battle (don’t ask me how I know this…) Or he could be in the first or third or 5th battle. It’s so random, there’s no telling. I managed to stumble across him there one time, and while OF COURSE I voted for him, the other kitten was awfully cute.

Really. Do not go to Kitten War. If you do, you may find yourself stuck there for the rest of your life, clicking on cute kitties, sighing “awwwwwww” way too often, and contemplating life as someone owned by 30 of the little furballs…

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