Ok, take up a collection and buy this for me.

Or not.

Today was Day 2 of riding in the Basic Rider’s Course, where we went (zoom³)(zoom²)+10 and ziiiiip and did not drop the bikes or have nervous breakdowns. We rode and picked bugs out of our teeth, and in the end both the Boy and I passed.

Yes, if we ever get a bike, new parking lots await us both.

We have to wait about 10 days to get the little slip of paper that tells the DMV to waive the riding portion of the license exam, but after that, we can take the test and be legal on 2 wheels.

All along I’ve thought “scooter-scooter-scooter” but after getting to ride a bike and learning that shifting will not make me pee my pants and finding out that those smaller wheels can make a scooter a littler more dangerous than a motorcycle, I dunno. I rode a Kawasaki Eliminator (125cc) in the class and was comfortable on it, and I won’t need a bike big enough for highway speeds. Ever. This wabbit will not do the Interstate on a bike. Ever. I barely want to do that in a car.

Tell ya what…I was told over and over by experienced riders that the only way to learn to ride is to take the MSF Basic Rider’s Course, and now I can see why. You go from baby steps to wheeeeeeeeee in less than 10 hours, but the steps progress so naturally it doesn’t feel like learning. It feels like doing.

I don’t know when I’ll actually get a bike, but when I do, I feel confident that I can manage practice in a parking lot, and then get out on the roads around here.

In baby steps.

And then I’ll squeal wheeeeeeeee.

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