We own a gun.

No, we’re not members of the NRA and I don’t support their political positions. I have no problem with waiting periods for gun purchases, and I can’t fathom a single reason why anyone would need to own a fully automatic firearm. You don’t need an Uzi to take down Bambi, and it’s probably not the best personal protection device.

But I do like shooting. I hate hunting, but I like shooting.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about shooting at paper targets. My preferred paper target is the outline of a human torso, and I’ve decided that all my paper torso targets are male. I never name them (that would be kind of sick, I think) but yes, I assign gender.

I don’t think it amuses the Spouse Thingy that I generally try to shoot out the groin first.

Something I am definitely not in favor of: shooting feral cats. Yes, they’re a nuisance. Yes, they poop and pee in your yard and whelp kittens in places you’d rather they not, but come on. Shoot them?

Wisconsin has proposed a law allowing for the hunting of feral cats. Their governor claims to not support the law because he doesn’t want to be the state known as the state that kills kitties, but still…that someone would even propose such a law bugs me. The idea is that any roaming cat without a collar is fair game.

So, if I lived in WI and Max got out, is no one spotted his collar, he’s fair game?

What about long haired cats with collars that aren’t easily spotted? Shoot them and then say “oops!”?

What about those feral cats who have a shot at domesticity?

Notice how no one is proposing we shoot dogs? Hey, they tend to run free, too. Nope, we call animal control and have them rounded up. They just want to hunt the kitties.

I like shooting.
We have a gun.
But I can’t ever, not ever, support firing it at a cat.

I don’t understand that mindset, and to be honest, I never want to.

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