I Shouldn’t Let My Mind Wander; It’s Too Little to Be Out On Its Own…

Really…I am not firing on all cylinders these days.

After having dinner with friends last night, we went to the grocery store for milk and I kept thinking there was something else I needed to get, but I couldn’t remember what it was. I remembered we were out of trash bags. I remembered I was out of diet soda, but there was something else and I couldn’t quite recall what it was.

So we bought the few things I could remember needing, and left.

At 8:06 this morning, as the cat meowed softly, I remembered.

Cat food. Specifically, wet cat food. Stinky Goodness. The food without which Max’s little world tilts off its axis and is in danger of ending.

I was actually apologizing to the little furball as I walked from the bedroom to the kitchen, thinking I could just give him some tuna, and get the canned food later today.

No tuna.

While I was hunting around the kitchen for something to feed him, Max was winding through my legs, meowing pitifully, and when I went back to the bedroom—to get dressed, because it was obvious I was going to the store—he looked at me like I’d slapped him across the face. The rules are get up, feed the cat, then go to the restroom and get dressed. I was clearly violating the rules by not feeding him before doing anything else.

He was in the kitchen calling to me when I left, and waiting by the front door when I came back ten minutes later, a bag of canned food in hand. He cut loose with a string of what I can only assume were obscenities as I opened a can and scooped out half of its completely disgusting contents onto a plate, and an hour later he’s still giving me the cold shoulder.

I am going to be punished for the rest of the day.
By a cat.
Simply because I do not always have a fully functioning brain.

I think that’s supposed to bother me, but truthfully, it means I can probably watch TV without getting fur up my nose, and I can sit here at my desk and type without feline “help.” And I did find him an entirely new favor (to him) of Fancy Feast. If nothing else, my punishment will be smelling the remnants of that the rest of the day.

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