One of the things about driving a convertible is that, when the top is down, you’re subjected to lots of traffic noise. That’s not a complaint; it just is. And because of the traffic noise, if you want to listen to the radio or a CD, you have to turn up the volume to hear it.

But then, you get into a parking lot and it’s very, very loud.
Other people can hear it.

I wasn’t quite thinking about the that the other day when I had to run to the grocery store for milk and bread (and probably M&Ms or something else I likely should not have.) I was just thinking what an awesomely beautiful day it was and that there’s nothing like riding around with the top down on a day like this (yes, I really do think dorky things like that.)

As I was pulling into a parking slot I noticed an old man, )about 80 years old I think) walking toward the store; it was when he turned I realized my music was very loud, and it was blaring the lyrics I hope this song finds you well, I hope that you’re doing fucking swell…

I scrambled to turn it down, gritting my teeth, just knowing I was about to get blasted by a senior citizen for the filth I was subjecting the world to. And it would have been fair; it was too loud for the parking lot and not something I’d want small kids to hear.

He pointed at me and shouted, “Bowling For Soup!” then turned back around and went into the store.

I am in awe. Who’da thunk an old an would know who Bowling For Soup are, much less know the lyrics to a non-radio song well enough to pick them out of the air?

And I am so very grateful I wasn't beat about the head and shoulders with a cane for my lack of consideration...

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