My Day So Far

It’s a wonderful day, really. I had a PT appointment; they were going to teach me back exercises to strengthen my lower back, even though the PT guy said the other day there’s really nothing PT can do for me. It’s a going through the motions kind of thing.

But hey! I’m willing! I grabbed my gym bag so that I could go straight to the YMCA afterwards.

I left early enough, just in case parking was a problem. I did not count on the massive accident that would be blocking the way, and how difficult it would be to turn around and go another direction. So when it was 3 minutes before I was supposed to be there (Well, 12 minutes late, actually, since they want people there 15 minutes early) I called and canceled, and they were very understanding.

So I figure, “Let’s go swimming!”

One problem. I had my gym bag, but my swim suit was not in it. And they don’t let you swim nekkid at the Y.

So it’s not even noon, I’m home, and I’m thinking I should just stay here. Obviously I’m not meant to be out in public today.

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